Complete this work by 31st December, otherwise your family will lose up to 7 lakh rupees

EPFO offers its subscribers the benefit of funds and pensions on retirement. In case of death of the subscriber, his family gets the benefit of family pension and insurance.

Employees Provident Fund (EPF) subscribers have to complete the e-nomination process before 31st December to avail all the benefits. Failure to do so could result in a loss of up to seven lakh rupees to you and your family. EPFO has issued a notification asking all subscribers to file e-nominations as soon as possible. This ensures that the account holder's social security is given to his family. EPFO offers retirement funds and pension benefits to its subscribers. In case of death of the subscriber, family pension and insurance benefits are given to his family.

File the nomination as follows:

  1. Subscribers have to go to the official website of EPFO ​​( to file EPF nominations through a digital medium. Select the Services option later.
  2. Then go to the for Employees option.
  3. Then click on Member UAN / Online Service.
  4. The subscriber will then be redirected to the official member e-SEWA portal. Where login can be done using UAN and password.
  5. Then go to Manage Tap in the drop-down menu and select E-Nomination. Select the Yes option and update the Family Declaration.
  6. Click on Add Family Details and select Nomination Details. Here you can choose how much money to keep for that person.
  7. Click Save EPF Nominate later. Click on the e-sign option on the next page. An OTP will be sent to the linked mobile with your Aadhaar card. This process will be completed as soon as you enter it.

Loss of Seven Lakh Rupees

If you do not add a nominee, your family may lose up to seven lakh rupees. The sum insured is paid after the death of an EPFO ​​member. If the EPF employee dies during the service, the nominee or legal successor can claim for insurance. The minimum sum insured under this scheme is 2.5 lakhs. While the maximum limit of insurance is seven lakh rupees. This means that the nominee can take up to seven lakh rupees. The sum insured is credited directly to the nominee's account.

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