Why is Christmas festival celebrated? What is the birth story of Lord Jesus?

Christmas is a festival of laughter and joy, on this day tableaux of the birth story of Lord Jesus are presented in churches around the world, and prayers are offered in churches. On this day people of all religions gather and meditate on Lord Jesus.

Why is the Christmas Festival Celebrated?

Christmas, the most important festival of Christians, is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over the world on 25 December. Christmas-related programs start from 24th December on the eve of Christmas. Many colorful programs are organized during this time in European and Western countries. In India, there is a lot of Christmas in the state of Goa, apart from this, people of all religions gather on this day in the big churches of different cities and meditate on the Lord Jesus. On Christmas Eve, people sing carols in praise of the Lord and visit each other's homes on Christmas Day to spread the message of love and brotherhood.

Christmas has become a social festival

Christmas is no longer just a religious festival, but it has taken the form of a social festival, that is why now people of all communities celebrate it with great enthusiasm and share happiness among themselves. Christmas is a festival of laughter and joy, on this day tableaux of the birth story of Lord Jesus are presented in churches around the world, and prayers are offered in churches. Christmas is celebrated by all Christians and nowadays many non-Christians also celebrate it as a secular, cultural festival. Marketism has also played a big role in the promotion of this festival. It has also become a major economic activity during Christmas due to the exchange of gifts, decorations and fun during the holiday.

Christmas tree trend

During this festival, everyone puts up a Christmas tree in their homes, which is decorated with good gifts. Its beauty is made by seeing it. Christmas also marks the beginning of Christmastide, a 12-day festival. At this festival, there is a lot of fanfare of Santa Claus among the children. Santa Claus brings the desired gifts for the children and fills the children with happiness. Children themselves wear beautiful colorful clothes at this festival and perform group dance with bright sticks in their hands. Apart from children, there is enthusiasm among elders also regarding this festival. Apart from Christians, other people also plant Christmas trees in their homes during this time. It is decorated with good gifts and its beauty is made on sight. Nowadays made Christmas trees are also available in the market.

An old story behind celebrating Christmas

Once God sent a messenger named Gabriel to a young woman named Mary. God's angel Gabriel went to Mary and told her that she had to give birth to a son of God. Mary was shocked to hear this because she was still a virgin, so she asked Gabriel how this would be possible. So Gabriel said that God will make everything right. Time passed and Mary married a young man named Joseph. God's angel Gabriel appeared in Joseph's dream and told him that soon Mary would be pregnant and that he would have to take special care of her because her child was none other than the Lord Jesus himself. At that time Joseph and Mary lived in Nazareth, a part of present-day Israel. At that time Nazareth was a part of the Roman Empire. Once for some reason Joseph and Mary went to Bethlehem, which is now in Palestine, for work, in those days there were many people, due to which all the hospices and asylums were full, so that Joseph and Mary could not take refuge for themselves. Got it After much exhaustion, both of them got a place in a stable, and at the same place after midnight the Lord Jesus was born. Some shepherds were grazing their sheep near the stables, there the angels of God appeared and informed those shepherds about the birth of Lord Jesus. The shepherds went to the newborn and bowed to him.

When Jesus grew up, he preached all over Galilee and tried to cure every disease and infirmity of the people. Gradually his fame spread all around. There were also some enemies of Jesus' virtuous actions who in the end tortured Jesus and killed him by hanging him on the cross. But Jesus continued to work in the direction of human welfare throughout his life, not only that when he was being crucified, even then he said that 'Father, forgive these people because these people are ignorant.' Since then, Christians celebrate December 25, the birthday of Jesus, like Christmas.

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