Adani Wilmar: Investors' money double in the year and a half in Adani Wilmer shares

Adani Wilmar Stock: Vice President and Head of Share India Securities (Research) Ravi Singh said that Adani Wilmer shares are becoming strong due to strong fundamentals and technical support at the present level.


Multibagger IPO Adani Wilmar: Investors in the stock of Adani Wilmar (Adani Wilmar) has the protection of investors. In just two months, the investment has made two counts compared to the issue Prize (Adani Wilmar Issue Price). According to statistics, Adani Wilmer's share was crossing the surface of Rs.500 for the first time on Tuesday. The share on the NSE was traded for 504.65. This is its all-time high (Adani Wilmar All-Time High).

According to LiveMint's report, the share market experts said that there are two reasons to raise Adani Wilmar's share. One reason the interest the interests soya FPO (Ruchi Soya FPO) is to be a new momentum in the FMCG market. When the second reason is to increase the price of Palm oil prices, Adani Wilmer is given a 14% margin benefit on its unsold inventory.

Adani Wilmar got technical support at the current level

Share India Securities Vice President and Head (Research) Ravi Singh said that Adani Wilmer shares are becoming stronger due to strong fundamentals and technical support at the present level. All technical industries, including its RSI, MACD, Isolator, and MAS are supporting daily the boom   At the staples, the company's innings, and in some states, the efforts to acquire regional rice brandbrandbrbrand brands brand and brand brands and processing units are strengthening stock.

The result of this quarter can be good

Vice-Chairman of GCL Securities, Ravi Singhal, said that the food oil segment of FMCG business from FPO of interests has received new speeds from FMCG business. As a result, Adani Wilmer is being benefited in a short term. At the present time, palm oil prices are getting a margin benefit on the Unsold inventory of its oil with 14% strength. This boom is hoping to remain unchanged in palm oil, due to which the company's results can be good for this quarter.

Wait for a 15-20 percent profit booking before investing

Director of Money Makers Securities (IBBM) Anuj Gaur said that the demand for Rady Too Cook Food will increase rapidly in countries such as population is increasing and urban culture is increasing rapidly. This is the probable reason for the shares of Adani Wilmar. However, at the present level should not be purchased in this stock and wait for about 15-20% of the profit booking.

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