Bill Gates

Bill Gates today comes in the number of the richest people in the world, they are known today as the world's largest successful entrepreneur. He has established his biggest company Microsoft-ware in software which is the biggest company in the world today.

Friends, if the software is removed from the world, then this world can not be running. We are going to know the success story of this great person. Those who have shown a large work in front of the world, and the biggest thing is that they are very small level.

Bill Gates was born on 28th October 1955 in a high medium family in Washington. In the year 1975, Bill Gates has established the world's largest software company micro software in collaboration with Pal Alan, as their identity is in the form of different strategies.

Bill Gates Success Story

Bill Gates joined the list of the rich people of the world 32 years, and for the year it has been in the first place. He was interested in the software from the beginning, he was also intelligent in wisdom, he found 1590 numbers from 1600.

He had sold computer software in his childhood and sold for $ 4200, and he had told his teacher to show him a millionaire until the age of 30. Bill Gates was very excited about his work from the beginning and wanted to grow up in life and wanted to give the world dependent on his thoughts.

And he has shown all this tax based on his abilities and has given the message to the world that if you are excited about any work then you can do that work in the world, and this is the intention of success.

Gates says that the person who works hard with the entire passion at the same work, can rach history in the world. He says that if you have to grow up in life then it may be possible that your interest is and that work can be tiring without you.

Close your ear in front of the world, do not think about what the world will say, if you think like this then you can not grow up in life. Maybe you start starting at the beginning, then you are also ready to face it because this time you are successful and fail.

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