IPL 2022: Manank Agarwal has started with win as captain.

IPL 2022: Punjab Kings has started with victory in the Captains of Mayank Agarwal (Mayank Agarwal). The team beat Royal Challengers Bangalore in the first match (RCB vs PBKS). Captain Places did not work half a century.

IPL has opened an account with Punjab Kings (Punjab Kings) win in 2022. The team is defeating 5 wickets in the match to Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB vs PBK). In this match of the Tournament (IPL 2022), RCB (Royal Challengers Bangalore) was made a huge score of 205 runs in the first game. The first time in the current season, no team scored 200 runs, but the team could not win. Captain Faf Du Places (FAF du Plessis) played aggressive innings of 88 runs. In response, Punjab Kings had achieved the 5-over 5 wicket target. Shikhar Dhawan and Bhanu Rajpaks both scored 43-43 runs. KKR and Delhi capitals have also won their matches.

Chasing the target, Punjab Kings started well. Machine Agarwal and Shikhar Dhaw joined 7.1 overs for the first wicket. The calls scored 32 balls in 24 balls and legs spinner vanindu-handed. He was hit 2 fours and 2 six. After this, 43 runs in 29 balls, and fast bowler Harshel Patel was handed out. He scored 5 Four and 1 Six.

Bhanu played aggressive innings

Number-3, Bhancha Rajput played aggressive innings. He scored 43 balls in 22 balls. The strikeAngie rate was around 200. He scored 2 fours and 4 sixes. Siraji made him fast bowler Mohammed. After this, Siraji, the ball on the ball, was lbw out of Angid Bava. Thus the score was run 139 for the wicket.

Livingstone also returned to playing good innings

Liam Livingstone's also played good innings. He scored 19 in 10 balls and scored 2 sixes. He made a quick bowler sky freep. The team lost 56 wickets on a score of 156. After this Shahrukh Khan and Odian Smith took the arch of the team. Shahrukh remained unbeaten by 20 balls 24 and Smith 8 balls. Smith scored 3 Six in Siraj's 18th Over 18th and one.

Du placies-Kohli's century partnership

Earlier, Punjab Kings decided to boling the toss. Fraf Du Placeis and Anuj Rao joined 50 runs for the first wicket. About 20 balls, 21 runs and Rahul Chh were handed out. After this, Placeis and Virat Kohli, for the second wicket, a large partnership of 118 runs, crossed the score of 150 runs. Placeis were out by making 88 runs in 57 balls. 3 Chagga and 7 sixes hit. He scored 54 runs from boundaries.

Dinesh Karthik, who was fourth, scoring 32 runs in 14 balls, hit the score of 200 runs. He had to score 3 Four and 3 Sixers. That is 30 runs from the boundaries. Kohli returned 41 runs in 29 balls. Had to score one for and two sixes. Punjab also gave additional 23 runs.

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