Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs does not know the angle in this world, they are known as a prestigious person for the establishment of Apple's largest company. In today's time, there were more than 4000 employees and two billion dollars to be started by two persons in a garage. It should also be taken care of that Steve Jobs has been fired after that company for some time, and he has started his career there.

Jobs make their abilities, making it bigger in the direction of establishing the biggest company, which is known as Apple. All the problems came somewhere in their life and faced problems somewhere in life, but this person did not stray from his way in any condition, went to his Vision, and continued his steps in every situation.

Steve Jobs Success Story

Despite these attempts, it is the world's largest company and most expensive company today, friends STEVE JOBS had left college only after six months and started to make self-studies. This proves that a large degree from college does not have any work in our lives. If there is a passion for success, then in the life of a person, he can achieve great success in the degree.

Steve Jobs was so poor, he used to go to Krishna Temple to eat stomach food once a week and used to eat empty bottles. He says that if I had not dropped from college, then he could not do anything in life, which means he could not make the world's best computer.

Jobs says that you have to believe in your actions that bring a big change in your life and say that every person should try to separate in his life. Why you can not make history by walking the other way and you can do something new then it is possible only when you separate from the world.

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