Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet was born on August 30, 1930, in Omaha, he is known as an American investor. They are considered one of the greatest investors in the stock market world and they have the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. He comes in the number of the richest people in the world and has been in the first place at the time of 2008, their total property is $ 62 billion.

At the age of 11, he sold the shares when he built a minor profit. But after a few days, the stock increased five hundred times, he learned a lesson from this event if Stock Market has to stay in the market, it is very necessary to have patience in place of turmoil.


At the age of 13, they filed their income tax, they knew from childhood that they will be a man, and based on this thinking, it came to work. He told his friends that if he did not make billionaires for 30 years, then he will kill himself by jumping from the highest building.

It started selling newspapers the morning in the morning and earned $ 175 per month, which was more than its teacher, who earned $ 50000 at the age of 16.

Where the rich people of the world spend their property on lifestyle, it believes in donating their property's richest person and spending their life like a simple person.

Do not burn your dream based on the world to keep your dreams, thinking ideas, and if your way is right, you are doing the right thing, you have to move forward with patience. You have no power in the world. Can stop.

Success Tips by Warren Buffet

  • He says that in the middle of those people who are better than you, you should be with them, which is better than you, why you can not give anything to you, you should talk to those people who More know, which is ahead of you.
  • Warren Buffet says that there should not be a delay in decision making in any work or business, which is delayed to take dear, it can not become a good businessman or leader.
  • Always use your time and the importance of time should understand by every person, because the person who misuses the person, he can never achieve great success in life.
  • Warren Buffett says you should recognize your purpose for a large success because you can not grow without purpose.
  • It is said that investing in your knowledge must definitely have to increase knowledge. Why Knowledge is different from the world, Warren Buffet still tries to get five sleep pages in the day.

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